-- Special Announcement --

Effective November 10, 2017, all sales through Bill's Shameless General Store will be honored. Due to his death, however, HirMon & Associates will be acting as both revenue and fulfillment agents for his estate, since Jacqueline Hirsch (the "Hir" in HirMon) is the executor for his estate.

What this means is that when you "checkout" and go to the PayPal payment page, you will see HirMon and Associates as the account to which you will make your payement and not one relating to Barwick's Voice and Music as it previously appeared.

Also note that all sales must be completed online with a credit card. Sorry, but no checks, money orders or cash payments can be accepted.

PayPal indicates a maintenance operation in progress for 12-11-2017 through 12-13-2017. If you run into trouble, please email your order to: chuck@hirmon.com. We will contact you to provide payment information. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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